Independent Adventures


We decided to write two poems about our experience on the Independent hike and our Autumn holidays. Enjoy!


Adventure in Teijo 

Humak Nurmijarvi Erasmus 2019 Johanna Westermayr – Wooden planks in Teijo Nationalpark

Imagine you are free.
Free in decisions, free in life.
Free in the nature – just to survive.
Feeling your body, your strength and your feet,
yes even feeling your indispensable heartbeat.

You don´t believe this state is possible to reach?!
Then close your eyes, breath in breath out and listen to this small speech.
Guide your thoughts far away from every trouble.
We tell you now one story of our erasmus bubble.

Everything started with the independent task,
where we should learn how to plan, to lead, to react in risk situations carefully and fast.
We split the group in teams of two,
one hiked to Teijo, one hiked to Nuuksio.

Imagine eight girls want eight different trails to hike,
Where should we stay? How many days? How many nights? – Well, that was difficult to decide.
With dialogues, with compromises, with compass, map and pother,
We found the best hiking plan by listening to each other.

With tent, stove, food, mattress and sleeping bag,
with hiking shoes, warm clothes, compass and map
we started our trip in finland’s beautiful landscape
to discover the world’s best nature shape.

Teijo welcomed us with coldness and snow,
nevertheless the joy about the independent trip was not to low.
We were happy to be free, be ourselves, be part of a team,
could hike in the woods, the nature was a dream.

But Wait! Stop! What is that?
The cable boat to the island we liked to set the camp was closed – how bad!
Now we had to decide what we should do fast,
the night came closer, we had to find a place to sleep before the sun passed.

We changed the plans and hiked to the place we planned for the last night,
what a zigzag trouble hike…
Without water in the camp and a cold, sleepless night in the tents
came silly after tired – so we had a lot of fun on the next day´s hike on the wooden planks.

We hiked through frozen grass and fairytale mist,
finally got water from the lake but that had a twist:
It was brown and had a funny taste, so we named it Jack in the woods
and treated it as it was on our cocktail list that brightened our moods.

On our ways we had some good conversation,
We laughed we cried and god some new inspiration.
We grew together
and when we found the second nights place to sleep
our connection was already pretty deep.

We defeated our food from mice and hung it up in the trees
our new home for the night was ready but we started to freeze.
The wood was empty but we met two nice finnish guys,
Minke even walked with them to get new wood for the campfire – what a pleasant surprise.

We talked a lot, i bet they think we´re crazy
because it got late, on sunday morning everyone was lazy.
Nevertheless we watched sunset and sunrise
took a lot beautiful pictures to memorialize.

On the last day we had a short walk but again trouble to find a place to set up the tent
we thought this struggles would never end.
We walked some additional trails just for fun and learning
then we had some time to enjoy our new surrounding.

Sauna in the evening, everybody was very motivated
we jumped in the lake, took some pictures even naked
the whole evening was very relaxing; we warmed up, filled the hot water bottles for the night
and even Mariona wasn´t cold, soon the end of the trip was in sight.

On the last morning we were very fast,
we hiked in warp speed and even catched the earlier bus.
We went to Helsinki and straight back to Kiljava
this Independent Hike all in all was very spectacular!

Do you know now what it means to feel free?
It means not only easy ways to see.
It means to have fun, be together with good friends
to make wise decisions, together, hands in hands.

Humak Nurmijarvi Erasmus 2019 Johanna Westermayr- Group photo Teijo Girls

Way to magical Norway

Humak Nurmijarvi Erasmus 2019 Mariona Ramis – Glazier in Norway

After long school weeks, all of us need rest.
Some went to Norway, some Iceland and some of us had guests.

We’re gonna tell you more about our holidays in Norway.
Important to say, after that all of us need payday.

We had a long trip, started with a ferry.
Sometimes we got lost, it was kind of scary.

No real food, just snacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The positive thing is, all of us got thinner.

We spent three nights in Luster, at an Airbnb.
We loved the house so much, we didn’t want to leave.

We had a great time listening to Siem’s and Giacomo’s music.
They even dressed up, which was very amusing.

Did a lot of hiking, some even jumped in the freezing lakes.
While driving up the mountains we saw falling snowflakes.

Nature was so magical, it made the bonding easy.
Days were always full and in the evenings everyone was sleepy.

In the end the trip felt short, we wanted to stay longer.
We really feel that thanks to this, the group feeling is much stronger.

Humak Nurmijarvi Erasmus 2019 Giacomo Giolitti – View from Børestein, Norway


Blogpost by Mariona Ramis, Sarah Albrecht, Karolina Lõhmus and Johanna Westermayr