Schools on the Move

For our study we need to do a project, Schools on the Move, with different targed groups. There were tree targed groups (childeren, young adults and adults) that did two different days given by the students. There were 8 instructors for 60 childeren, 6 instructors for 40 young adults and 4 instructors for 20 adults. We had one week to prepair the first days and one week to prepair the second day. We write a short text about the different targed groups.


We worked in a group of 8 instructors with 60 children of 12 years old. We set some goals for the activity days as gaining communication skills, social skills and team work skills. All the different activities prepared for them made them work on those goals.

Our planning was well made and we didn’t have many struggles with it,

everyone took responsibility for the time, the rotation of the groups, their own game and the atmosphere.

The first day appeared more difficult than the second day, as we didn’t know yet how the kids characters were and how they would behave, aswell as their teachers. Also the structure of our activities and routine was not clear then.

Eventhough we thought trough nearly everything, we had to learn and experience that it is not possible to think of everything and you have to be prepared for unexpected things to happen. The language barrier e.g. was a big challenge for us which we didn’t expect to encounter. We also improved ourselves learning about all the new activities and ways to teach kids, in our future work-life we will definitely take these experiences with us.

To me the Schools on The Move project was a  great working experience. Working with so many different people and cultures with diferents ways of thinking and also put in practice our new gained knowledge with Finnish children I enjoyed!