Schools on the Move

For our study we need to do a project, Schools on the Move, with different targed groups. There were tree targed groups (childeren, young adults and adults) that did two different days given by the students. There were 8 instructors for 60 childeren, 6 instructors for 40 young adults and 4 instructors for 20 adults. We had one week to prepair the first days and one week to prepair the second day. We write a short text about the different targed groups.


We worked in a group of 8 instructors with 60 children of 12 years old. We set some goals for the activity days as gaining communication skills, social skills and team work skills. All the different activities prepared for them made them work on those goals.

Our planning was well made and we didn’t have many struggles with it,

everyone took responsibility for the time, the rotation of the groups, their own game and the atmosphere.

The first day appeared more difficult than the second day, as we didn’t know yet how the kids characters were and how they would behave, aswell as their teachers. Also the structure of our activities and routine was not clear then.

Eventhough we thought trough nearly everything, we had to learn and experience that it is not possible to think of everything and you have to be prepared for unexpected things to happen. The language barrier e.g. was a big challenge for us which we didn’t expect to encounter. We also improved ourselves learning about all the new activities and ways to teach kids, in our future work-life we will definitely take these experiences with us.

To me the Schools on The Move project was a  great working experience. Working with so many different people and cultures with diferents ways of thinking and also put in practice our new gained knowledge with Finnish children I enjoyed!

Adventure sports
Adventure sports Sini Lahti map

Young adults

The second target group was mixed up from two HUMAK courses from another campus, Kauniainen. The students of age between 18 and 40 study either Sign Language or Cultural Management. As both courses started their studies together but got study wise separated shortly after, the goals of the two activity days were to bring them back in contact build trust and gain communication skills.

After receiving all the needed information to create a group forming and teambuilding event, the group of Adventure Sports students developed the first activity day for the 40 expected students at the campus in Kauniainen. The activities and exercises mainly took part outside.

which worked out perfectly, thanks to the weather, showing itself off from its best side.  Even though the number of students appeared smaller than expected the ones who participated clearly enjoyed the day!

For the second day, the group of instructors had to face some unexpected challenges. The group of participants had shrunken to its smallest due to the distance the students would have had to travel to participate. Luckily a few Adventure course students who had a day off, jumped in and volunteered to participate aside the Kauniainen students. The second day turned out to be as successful as the first and besides fun and a good atmosphere, the groups took some new gained friendships with them.

Adventure Sports Sini Lahti Balloons


Four of us organized the activity days for Wilderness Guides from Kiljava Institute. A group of 20 people with ages from mid twenty till sixty years old. The group was studying together for three months now, learning mostly technical wilderness guide skills. During their studies, they didn’t really get into teamwork, roles in the group and getting to know each other in different situations. Of course, these were perfect goals for the activity days!

The two days both had teambuilding and having fun as a goal, but the days had different themes. The first day was all about ‘trust’. During the day the activities builded up from easier trusting games, both indoors and outdoors, to more challenging activities such as catching and lifting each other, leading and following while being blindfolded. The atmosphere was good and the group obviously had quite some trust in each other and gained even more during the day.

The theme of the second day was the ‘roles in the group’. More problem-solving, working together with the whole group and reflecting on the roles in the group. Even though less people showed up (only 8 from the 20 – the group was unfortunately really busy with their own projects), the schedule was a little adjusted and the group had some nice challenges they managed really well. Saving a treasure from an acid lake, building a tower with marshmallows and spaghetti, conquering a low rope parcours for example but also trying not to laugh when somebody pretends to be a cat right in front of your face – yes, there was also room for a lot of fun. And that’s also what the group realized; that it was so much fun to do activities like this together and that they would really like to to this more often. Mission accomplished!