One day in Kiljava

Sun is up – the view from our living room 🙂

Our day start at 8:50 am respectively for those who can survive without coffee. Almost all the alarms start to sound now. So, you can hear how the people start to run to be on time in class. It is time to wake up, have breakfast, get dressed, brush your teeth, pick up the backpack. Maybe you can hear a lazy and tired ”Good morning”. But suddenly, you look at the clock and … 9:13 pm. OH NO!


Someone is shouting: “Guys! Hurry, in 2 minutes the class starts!”


Then you can hear people running down the aisles. We run down 4 floors to reach at time to class. And there we are! Our small group, with just 12 people in class. We don’t need to speak. Our faces say everything. We are soooo tired.



The class starts on time at 9:15 am. At 10:00 a.m. we have our first break. Sometimes we have another break at 10:30 am. You should know that Finnish people really love breaks. Really. At 11:00 am. we have lunch… Yes, you read it right. We have our lunch at 11:00 am. So, some of us -the lazy ones, not willing to cook- go to the cafeteria, and ate as much as they can. It is just 2,60 € per lunch and of course it should pay off, I mean Hello? We are poor students! The rest of us goes upstairs to eat kind of breakfast. I must admit it is nearly the same scenario than downstairs. they eat like if they hadn’t eaten in months. So, in the next two hours we almost can’t move because we are full of food. And we ask ourselves the same question everytime: “Why are we so hungry all the time?”

Hissi – the inner values count!

At 12:00 am, we must go back to class. We try not to fall asleep but sometimes it’s so hard. You feel the compassion and support in the face of all your classmates. You are just thinking about your bed, the sofa, Netflix, Fifa.. And another question is coming to your mind: “Why am I so tired all the time?” I really think that it is this country. But well, after three hours, and a looooot of breaks, the class is finally over! That means we go all together to the 6th floor again. Most of the time we take the elevator, which we lovingly call Hissi (it is just the Finnish translation of elevator.. but hey, we cannot be creative all the time) because obviously, we had a very busy day!! As soon as we arrive to our rooms the war starts! All the people want to enter the kitchen. All the people want to eat again! How is it possible? No idea and it doesn’t really matter.


Everything you need to get in shape.

If you haven’t died from a food coma, there might be some people which want to hit the gym. I know, it is hard to believe, but it is true! So, put on your sporty clothes and let’s go! But be careful. On the way to the gym people already got lost and were found two days later in the laundry room, confused and anxious. You need to know in advance that the building is like a labyrinth, if you don’t pay attention you might end up at some weird place. But fortunately, there are some signs, so if you aren’t advanced and not in a mood to go on an adventure, just follow them and they will lead you to the gym. Finally you arrived but.. OH NO! You forgot the gym key. Congratulations for that, now you can go all the way back. There is more than one time, where people cancelled their good resolution, because forgetting the key. To stay positive, it is a little workout though. But believe me, once you forgot it, you will never forget it ag ain. If you are not a gym person, you don’t have an excuse because there is also a possibility to swim. It means, if you are not distracted by green water, Kiljava offers the perfect chance to have a relaxing swim in its indoor swimming pool! You are still not convinced? Ok, then you should check out the sauna. Somehow it is like an obligation to go there, it would be even unpolite not to, because it is a typical Finnish thing. So, overcome your personal boarder, get naked

Did I promise to much? But Green is the colour of hope, right?

and enjoy the heat. Top secret: you can also wear a bikini if necessary, but you are here to try something new. So just go for it and like Bruno said: You are beautiful just the way you are! On your way back you look at your watch and realise: WOW, it is 9pm! If you learn one thing during your Erasmus exchange than that time flies. But it has also it good sides because “What time is iiit?” Fooooood time, yes! Just prepare your food and at this time of the day you will never be alone in the living room. Sit down, have a chat, watch a movie or just appreciate this magical atmosphere of a successful day.


So now, you might have a feeling how a day in Kiljava is. The people start to wake up, you can hear a lot of different accents, different languages, the sound of a guitar, the smell of some burnt food, laugh, screams. But suddenly you feel like home. All these crazy guys are your new family. Sometimes you would like to kill them. But they are so nice, special and perfect, that you can do nothing but love them.

Our little family <3


This amazing post is made by the strongest and most independent woman Ángela Córdoba Caballero and bunny-addict and nutella-banana-bread-lover Laura Hiestermann