Music of Finland

Many of us are music lovers, that’s why we want to take you on a trip through the different genres of music that are related to the history of Finland, or those who are widespread in Finnish culture.

Finnish Folk

Finnish folk music is influenced a lot by Karelian tunes. Basically Karelia is an area divided between Finland and Russia. Karelian music is regarded as the purest expression of Finnish music, less influenced by Germanic and other outside elements.

Karelian music in itself is strongly linked to the Kalevala which is a 19th-century work of epic poetry compiled from Karelian and Finnish oral folklore and mythology.
Most of the Karelian tunes are composed with the Kantele, which is a traditional plucked string instrument.

Finnish music is also influenced by the Sami people. They are the native people of Lapland, living between Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. Their music is unique because they use the “Yoik”. It is a traditional form of singing, considered an art form. The sound of “Yoik” is comparable to the traditional chanting of some Native American cultures. It always has a link with a person, a place or the nature. These songs are most of the time highly spiritual and do not have lots of lyrics or rhymes and have no definite structure. They are all about a topic that the singer wants to sing about. In the Northern areas of Scandinavia and Russia, each person often has their own “Yoik”. Sometimes given at birth as a symbol of live.

example of the yoik

Sami folk music

Also, something really Finnish is the Humppa. This kind of music is related to jazz and very fast foxtrot, played two beats to a bar with instruments such as tuba or accordion. The humppa becomes also the name of the famous social dance in Finland. Humppa literally meaning the social dance. All these dances are strong based and have good rhythm to dance on. The dance itself has three forms, the one-step, the two-step and the “Nilkku”. The last one is based on slow/quick/slow rhythm.

Metal and Rock culture

A reason why some of us came to Finland was because of the love for metal and rock music, Finland is THE perfect country for that. A lot of famous metal bands are Finnish, and that kind of music here is quite widespread in the society. We realised that more often even people that don’t listen to metal music have a basic knowledge of it.

Generally, Finnish metal music is really emotionally deep, it gives us goose bumps.
We don’t know why metal music is so common here, but we talked with people in order to answer that question. They responded that maybe it’s because Finnish people are culturally shy, even if we don’t think so, and metal music allow them to let their feelings out in an easier way.

We went to Nosturi, which is a concert hall in Helsinki. There was a famous Finnish band playing, Korpiklaani. They sing mainly in Finnish language, using instruments such as the accordion or the violin. Their lyrics are about nature, alcohol and also spirituality. That’s because the lead singer lived for a few years among a Sami tribe in Lapland, so he was really close to nature, he used to try to communicate with the wolves by imitating their howling. Even now, he is part of another band, more folk music oriented, that uses the “Yoik” way of singing.

and many more concerts will follow 😀


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