Start of the Studies and Pallas Hike

Humak Nurmijärvi campus


During the week before school started all Erasmus students arrived at Kiljavan Opisto campus. Day after day the group got bigger and by the end of the week we were with 18 exchange students from different nationalities. It was really interesting to get to know all the different people and their own background stories. To get to know the environment where we were going to spend three months of our life’s we immediately started doing activities with the whole group in the weekend like hiking, cycling, sporting, etc. In the beginning it was really hard to live with everybody together on one floor and share everything, it was something that not everybody was familiar with so it took some time and planning to get used to it.


Finally school started and we were all curious about it because we had heard a lot about the course and we could finally learn more about the next months and our study program. When entering the classroom both excited and a little bit nervous, the teachers made us feel really welcome from the very beginning. After we got the basic information about our studies and the use of online communication platforms the real classes could finally start.

We got to know that we were going on a hiking trip to Pallas National Park in Lapland the week after, that seemed so close for everybody that we all got a little bit stressed with the preparations. But later in the week the teachers helped us a lot with planning everything to the smallest details, for example we had to make a food plan for the whole week, got a list with all the equipment we needed and learned a lot about safety that could help us during the trip.


Pallas in Autumn

On Monday the whole journey started and it turned out to be a long day and night. At first we had to do the final packing of our bags before we could leave with the bus to catch the train later on. Everybody left campus really prepared and looking forward to the week in the National Park. After a long train- and bus ride we continued the trip by foot. During the following days we walked circa 33 kilometers full of ups and downs. We ran into several kinds of problems, some a little bit bigger than the others, but we were always able to solve it as a group.

The trip was very captivating for all of us because we got to practice a lot of skills, got to know each other but also ourselves. Everybody experienced the trip in a different kind of way but it made us a better group. And even though we’ve learned a lot and it was a school trip, we still got the room to enjoy the amazing nature and it’s gifts like the snow and the reindeers!

After another long trip back home we enjoyed the small luxuries like a hot shower and our cozy beds a lot more.