How to survive in Finland?

1. The Finnish winter is really cold, so remember to dress properly from head to toe, if you don’t want to end up frozen.


2. We already mentionned it, life in Finland is expansive, prepare your wallet and don’t forget to carefully check the price before you buy anything

3.Don’t be confused by the creative methods of teaching, It’s not as theorycal as it can be in your own country.

4. Wave! If you have to take the bus, you MUST wave at them, otherwise they will not stop and you will be late or lost… (It happened to us!)


5. Don’t be scared to be naked! In the Finnish culture, people go often to the sauna,naked of course. Even if you feel a little shy, you should really give it a try, it warms you up during the cold winter, it’s good for your health (and ladies, it’s good for your skin!) and it’s a good opportunity to share a good moment together. You can still go wearing your suimsuit, the Finns won’t be offended.


6. Dip into the icy water! You really have to try it, it’s really cold (1°), can hurt you feet and maybe cut your breath for a short time, but after that you will feel really good and warm outside even if it’s minus 5 degrees or less. And, you can tell that story to everyone when you go back to your own country. It’s a good experience and adventure!

ice swimming

7. Drink coffee! Finns drink a lot of coffee and maybe too much for you, but hey! It keeps you warm and aware.


8. Enjoy ice hockey. They really love this sport and if you ask them which ice hockey team is the best, they’re going to answer “Finland”, of course. If you live with Finns prepare yourself to watch all the match and shout with them “SUOMI, SUOMI, SUOMI!!!”


9. Appreciate nature! Don’t come to Finland if you don’t love nature. Finland is one of the most beautiful country in the world. The nature is splendid at any time of the year.


10. Hope you like the snow! Because the snow stays for a long time in Finland, 5 months.


11.Don’t forget to take off your shoes! In Finland, it’s considered dirty and impolite to wear shoes inside the house. Even in the classroom, many students take off their shoes!