Adventure Sports students: Schools on the move

Erasmus exchange students at Humak had the opportunity of participating  in a  national project – “Schools on the move” – aiming to establish a physically active culture in Finnish comprehensive schools. The students describe their cooperation with the pupils of Tähtiniitty school in Espoo.

We have worked hard for four weeks. That means planning, organizing, instructing, and fun active games with pupils of Tähtiniitty school (2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade).

Schools on the run aims at establishing a physically active school
Schools on the move: The pupils from Tähtiniitty school started the project at Humak Nurmijärvi campus.

First of all

In the first day we arranged activities to the children in our Humak Nurmijärvi campus at Kiljavan Opisto. We worked with the pupils of 2nd and 4th grade, in total 50 kids. For some of us, it was the first time, to instruct children in English, one reason to become a bit nervous!

We have to remark that it was a successfull day, they enjoyed the activities, worked like a team and we established a good relationship with them. We finished the first day a little bit tired, but after a few hours we were ready for the next day!

Second day

We started the second day with the children of the 5th and 6th grade also at the campus. Activities were more challenged, because of the age. It was also a successful and fun day. Teamwork and coordinate to the groups was much better compared with the other day. Maybe some reasons of that were that the children were older and we were a bit  more experienced to lead compared to the first day. After that we had a week to prepare the big event, that means our whole day at Tähtiniitty school.

Third day

In the third day some of our group members saw the school for the first time. It was a big challenge. Pupils were used to the environment and felt safe, the weather was not the best but in the end we SURVIVED!.

To summarize, the project was for us a great and new experience, because we were able to train our leadership skills and learn to instruct. Thanks for the opportunity we really enjoyed it.

Some opinions of the foreign students:

It was a great opportunity to improve my leadership skills” Marti, Spain (Catalonia)

Great project to change the learning process of (learning by doing, fun and active activities) children. And I think it’s good for the children to have a different learning process.” Aline, France

I think this project is good not only for the children also for us to try out ourselves.” Ann-Kathrin, Germany



Written by Piotr Rozwadowski, Francisco Juan Vives, Dorothee Reichel, Peppi Turunen and Juri Kettula, Students from adventure sport 2015

Photos: Sini Lahti