School on the move

School on the move is a project that the exchange students from Adventure Sport are organising. This project is about organising activites for differents groups of persons. We worked with children, young and adult people. During this experience we have to make teams, help and observe each other during the activities lessons.


Adventure students
Adventure Sports students 2016 Nurmijärvi

This group was formed to 4 people, Sini, Lette, Lieke and Niels. The coordinator was Lieke. Our job was make a day to Humak student in Kauniainen. There were two classes, one of them was sing language class and the other, cutural managment class. In the group was 40 students in total, around  19 to 50 years old.

We wanted to make a day to get together and make a teambuilding day, to meet each other, to improve comunnication and trust. We did this in one serie of activities. In the first moment we wanted to do excercise to be warm and excited, with all the group togheter. After that we make four smaller groups and every group was moving around to point to point. We make four differents stops, one of them was low ropes, one was to getting to know each others. Other was trust, and the last one was communication. Then whit the all groups members we make a excercise called cross the line, where the people can learn more about group members. After that we have a little break outside where was coffee and cookies. Later, we came back inside to make feedback and we finish the day.

In the first plan we had a exercise called  rock and water, but we had some problems so we couldn’t do that, so we deleted from the plan. We had some communication problems so we had to adjust to the situation. During this day and the working day we work like a team, solving problems and learn from each other.

Wilderness guides:

Erasmus students hiking,
Wilderness sports Adventure education

This group was formed to 7 people, Megan, Judith, Josephine, Roosmarijn, Sander, Ida and Ángela.  The coordinator of this group was Roosmarijn. Our job was make two days to the Wilderness Guides from Humak. This group is made up for 40 persons, around 21 to 62 years old. They are a very active and enthusiastic group, who they haven’t practised so much reflexion.

We made two different days. The first day we divided the group in 5 smalls groups, and they did 5 small and actives games to improve your team skills. The activities in the first day were: low ropes where we practise team work and experiential learning, funny games just to have fun and getting to know each other, the game without rules where we practised leading and making decision, the improvisation activitie where we practised trust and the small games to improve the teamwork and comunnication skills. Every group was moving around to point to point and play every game. In the finish of the day we make feedback and we drunk coffee and cookies with the Wilderness Guides.

In the second day we made the last day. This day we made three activities where all the group have to work togheter, the goal of this activity was the reflection and the teamwork. In the other hand we made one small and active activity to recover energy. This big activities was leadership quadrant,  island game, airplane game. This activites needed so much time and think about how the team work and the different kind of leader that they have.

In both day we get the goals. We work like a real team, solving problems, with good communication and helping each other. We learnt so much in this two days and during the process, improving our profesional and personal skills.

Maaniitu School:

Adventure sprots Erasmus
Adventure sports students at Maaniitty school

Jessu, Thraen, Alicja, Martin, Stinke, Norbert and Sary organised two days of activities for the Maaniitu school. Jessu was our coordinator.  Our target group were 40 children from the Maaniittu school from Nurmijärvi, the 6th grade, in the age of 11 and 12 years old.

The first day we trained the children to become detectives. We had a five groups of children, they went from activity to activity with their groupleaders. The activities had different goals, but were mostely active and meant to improve teamwork and self esteem. We had an escape room, where the children have to free the mad scientist. When the children completed their task, they get a sticker. They can put their sticker on their detective ID card, at the end of the day they collect all the stickers and they became real detectives.

The second day we had a real detective task for the children. They free the mad scientist the first day, but he was not as good as they thought. He stole all the marshmallows of the world. The children have to go around the world to find hints and bring the marshmallows back. We had different activities, all linked to our home countries and to the detective story. Most activities were still about having fun, teamwork and self esteem. When they completed a task, they got a piece of the puzzle. At the end of the day, all the groups have to put all the puzzle pieces together and find out where the marshmallows are. At the time the children find the box with the marshmallows, they have to figure out the code, by using the puzzle.

Adventure Sports 2016