Adventure Sports

Adventure Sports group
Nurmijärvi Adventure Sports group 2016

Kiljavan Opisto is not regular Erasmus student building. We are living in a hotel, and we form part of one of the two adventure education programs going on in Humak at the moment (our international and one Finnish group). Our group is very small: 19 students from which 5 Finns, 8 Dutch, 2 Spanish, 1 Polish, 1 American and 2 German. The first week was very interesting and different and the same goes on. Here the learning is not only happening in the class but everywhere. You share your space with the other students all the time. We eat together and sleep together. We improve our social skills while being in contact with the nature and the theories of adventure education by staying in contact with the other students, building an awesome community.

The campus is situated near a beautiful lake and huge forests to wander around. We also have access to the hotel swimming pool, sauna and gym. Our program includes hiking, kayaking and climbing. Everyone is super excited to start, our schedule looks awesome with loads of outside action and some reflection. Forget about tests and scores because this is a place for some deeper learning about methodologies and theories of groups and leadership in action using adventure education. It’s a also a great opportunity to learn about yourself and do some internal research.


Adventure sports includes also cooking
Nurmijärvi Adventure Sports group cooking Roosmarijn Steenkamp

“Times goes fast when you’re having fun” and it seems like here we’ve been having a lot of fun, because these two weeks have passed so quickly. At the class, during the first 5 days we established some (pretty nice) rules for the group, played introductory games prepared ourselves, and have some new knowledge about safety skills and adventure skills for the upcoming trip to Pallas National park by learning how to put up our tents, how to use the stoves by preparing food on the beach and how (and what) should we pack to have the best hiking experience.

As the second week started everything was ready: foods planned, backpacks fully packed and repacked and finally the bus arrived to pick us up and our trip to Lapland started. We walked according to our plan every day and at the same time learned how to read a map and use compasses. By doing and redoing we had the possibility to improve every day. We found new ways of walking, packing our stuff and having lunch on the go. Some dry breads, not so soft pasta and slightly cold nights but Lapland treated us well.

Jessu, Roosmarijn, Sander, Martín